NAANOO is an international field hockey R&D Platform. We are committed to quality in everything we do. We are not content to simply continue the status quo. We want to make great things happen.


Upward driven development process

NAANOO is founded on the belief that development should be an upward driven process. It starts with our test players’ input. Our engineering and design proces draws on the collective input and feedback from our international network of top players. Information that is continuously evaluated and processed to further improve the quality of our products. By applying state of the art fabrics and technology and creating innovative solutions.

NAANOO Friends and Partners: Excellence by teamwork

The NAANOO R&D Platform is based on integrated cooperation between NAANOO and our technology partners, suppliers and manufacturers. We are dedicated to teamwork throughout the development and production process. We want our partners to be actively involved in the development of our products from day-one. Because just like in hockey, teamwork truly makes the difference.